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What is Window Film?

Time: 2023/5/21

Window film is a thin film material applied to the surface of glass, mainly used to change the performance and appearance of glass. The window film is made of a polymer material that has a certain viscosity and can be attached to the window.

The main functions of window film include:

1. Heat insulation and cooling: window film can block the transfer of heat, reduce the entry of solar radiation, reduce the indoor temperature, reduce the use of air conditioning, thereby saving energy and reducing consumption.

2. Anti-ultraviolet: the window film can filter out most of the harmful ultraviolet rays, reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays to human skin, and also reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays to indoor furniture, floors and other items.

3. Privacy protection: Window film can increase the privacy of the window, block the outside line of sight into the room, and protect personal privacy.

4. Anti-glare: Window film can reduce the glare of strong sunlight and make the indoor environment more comfortable.

5. Decoration and beautification: the window film can be used in different designs and patterns to bring decorative effects to the window and enhance the beauty of the room.

There are various types of window film, according to the different uses and requirements, you can choose transparent window film, silver window film, color window film and so on. Window film can usually be self-pasted or professionally installed according to different needs.

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